Business development

Hannes van Zyl, cofounder of RealityGate, lectured in film and in communication studies at the University of South Africa and was previously CEO of NB Publishers, the leading trade book publisher in South Africa and part of Naspers.

Morkel van der Westhuizen (BCom Hons, Stellenbosch University) is a cofounder of RealityGate and is an entrepreneur who started his first business, today called IDS (Intelligent Desiccant Systems), after completion of university studies. He lodged an interface design patent in 2007. In 2010 he formulated an initial idea for the spatial user interface (SUI) and since then advanced the Flow interaction concept.

Flip du Plessis (MBA, BEng, Dip Datametrics) has worked as a consultant and co-promoter in new business ventures. He provides project support to inventors and entrepreneurs in funding solutions and feasibility studies.

Michael Jordaan (PhD Banking Supervision, MCom Economics, Stellenbosch University) has established MonteGray Capital, his own venture capital investment fund, and is also on the board of Invenfin (venture capital), as well as chairman of MXit Lifestyle.  He started his career at Deutsche Bank and was CEO of First National Bank (FNB) from 2004-2013. He is the winner of various international awards in management of innovation.

André Coetzee (PhD Contract Law, Edinburgh University; Higher Diploma – Company Law, University of Witwatersrand; LLB degree, University of Stellenbosch) was a Rhodes scholar. He was a partner at Mallinicks and Group Legal Counsel of Naspers, based in Hong Kong.

Software development of platform and SDK project

Jan Pool (MSc Eng Electronic, Stellenbosch University) is a specialist in systems integration and building software platforms.  His previous work was in leadership positions in the fields of signal processing, machine vision and electronic design automation (EDA).  For RealityGate he pioneered Z-axis navigation techniques, a lock screen-home screen concept application; and the architecture of the Flow SUI platform-SDK.

Leon van Niekerk (BCom Business Management, BA, cum laude, Socio Informatics, Stellenbosch University) is a cofounder of Clockwork Acorn.  He is team leader of the project to develop Zaxis interaction and navigation techniques for large data sets.

Francois van Niekerk (MSc Computer Science, cum laude, BEng Electrical and Electronic with Computer Science, cum laude, Stellenbosch University) is a cofounder of Clockwork Acorn.  He is proficient in Assembly, BASH, C/C++, Haxe, Java, LATEX, MATLAB, PHP, Python, SQL, and others.  He specialises in the field of decision trees, decision forests, and Monte-Carlo tree search parallelisation (MCTS).

Hilgard Bell (BSc Hons Computer Science, Stellenbosch University) is a cofounder of Clockwork Acorn and specialises in the development of a 4D engine.  He is proficient in a range of languages, including newer versions such as HaXe.

Francois Malherbe (BEng Electrical and Electronic, Stellenbosch University) has programming experience in in Java, C++, Go, with exposure to JavaScript, C#, NHibernate, SQL, ASP.NET, Android, Git, Matlab, and web application development.

App development and mobile

Hendrik Boshoff (PhD, Stellenbosch University) was previously associate professor, electric and electronic engineering, at the University of Johannesburg. At various times in the past he also lectured at the University of Stellenbosch and worked on scientific research projects.  He has authored and co-authored a number of patent applications to capture and defend the IP created by RealityGate’s methods and techniques.  He also develops a pollical (thumb) control input method for navigation on mobile devices with large screens.

Special advisors

Rob Chaplinsky (MBA, Harvard Business School, BS Engineering, University of Waterloo), CEO: Flow USA/RealityGate, is a mobile technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Menlo Park, California.  He is a cofounder of Bridgescale Partners and he has over 18 years of venture capital experience in Silicon Valley, where many of his earlier investments moved on to acquisitions or listed companies.  Prior to Bridgescale he was a general partner at an early stage venture capital firm and previously he worked in various marketing positions at Intel Corporation.

Wim Morris (MSc Industrial Engineering, Stellenbosch University) is the cofounder of Polymorph and is an implementation engineer and project manager. He specialises in the management of mobile application developments, for the complete solution from business process analysis to mobile app, from the back-end server to the website front-end.

Cara Winterbottom (PhD Computer Science, University of Cape Town) is a freelance software and UX consultant. Her consulting work was previously for Flow Interactive.  She is an independent contractor for diverse clients in the corporate sector, information systems development and technology startups. She is trained in both psychology and computing.

Adri Smuts (MSc Operations Research, cum laude, BSc Hons Applied Mathematics, cum laude, Stellenbosch University) is a software developer and works with RealityGate as an iOS middleware specialist.

Andrew Maunder (PhD Computer Science, University of Cape Town) is a specialist user-centred design (UCD) practitioner.  His specialises for RealityGate in Zaxis interaction and navigation methods.

David Campey (BSc Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cape Town) is the founder of Information Logistics and manages product development teams and projects. He  works in C#, .NET, SQL Server, Python, and Google App Engine, in addition to his other specialities in Agile methodologies (XP, Scrum, Kanban), as well as the business side of software (Lean Startup and Customer Development).

Maia Grotepass (MA Digital Art, University of the Witwatersrand; BEng, Stellenbosch University, BA Multimedia, University of South Africa) is a mobile developer. She is a member of Ubuntu and has an additional interest in interactive code based installation art.

Contract developers, design and coding

Jurie Kennedy is a developer and software architect. He has worked with the RealityGate core team since inception and made significant contributions to more than 20 demonstrators already developed. He developed 20-bit SUI navigation interaction, as well as gestures input methods for SUI, while attaining full backward compatibility with GUI point-and-click methods.

Colin Payne (Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Cape Town) is the creative director at Polymorph.  He works with RealityGate to implement UX design concepts and consistent themes in the products or development prototypes.

Mandy Robinson (qualified in design and multimedia, Concept Interactive Studio) is a graphics and web designer.   She has experience in wireframes and prototypes for websites and apps, responsive websites, mobile/tablet apps, email campaigns, digital banners (flash), branding for social networks, and illustration.

Anthony la Grange (MCom Mathematical Statistics, cum laude, BCom Hons Actuarial Science, Stellenbosch University) is a mobile software developer with expertise in native iOS (Objective-C and C++) and cross-platform games (using frameworks such as cocos2d, cocos2d-x and Corona). He has worked on apps for clients in various fields and was a lecturer in data sciences at Stellenbosch University.

Gerrit Grobbelaar has experience in Java backend development using the JSE and JEE technologies, system administration (Linux OS, mainly Gentoo distr0o) and native iOS Mobile Software Development in Objective-C.  He is strong in object-oriented analysis and design, Java projects, and mobile projects.

Andrew Higson-Smith is founder of Elemental Systems and is an experienced software designer/programmer with a preference for projects that are technically challenging, socially constructive and developed in very committed small team environments.  He has worked in a broad range of technologies and languages, including web applications, mobile development, windows, general use systems (retail, editing tools, geo-location services) and custom tools.

André Roodt is founder of Sybu Data and specialises in the development of mission critical bespoke software solutions that integrate and interface with hardware devices.   He has been involved in creating easy to use high quality iPhone and iPad applications that have received numerous 5* reviews from across all App Store territories, as well as an award-winning Grape Sorter for the fruit export industry.

Steyn Viljoen (BSc Applied Earth Sciences in Geology) is a Certified Professional Coach and was previously a motion and visual effects designer before going into UX design.  He has experience in projects ranging from a chat application (in Silicon Valley, USA) to a trading card game platform and a social media app (Cape Town).

Matthew Beets (MSc Electrical Engineering, BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town) is a software developer specialising in C# and SQL Server, with a focus on automated regression testing systems and high speed development, on all levels of the business software, from core architecture to database design.

Malte Meister (BSc Hons, Information Systems Engineering, CTI/London Metropolitan University) works in C#, SQL Server, Entity Framework, NHibernate, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, NUnit, Selenium, Fitnesse, Windows, Windows Server, Virtualization, Active Directory, IIS, Python, Google App Engine, HTML+, CSS, and JavaScript.

Board of Directors

Hannes van Zyl
Michael Jordaan
André Coetzee
Morkel van der Westhuizen

Secretariat and administration support

Ilzemarie Knoetze (BLC LLB, Stellenbosch University)
Eldine Malan (BAcc Hons, Stellenbosch University, CA, SA)
Nelleke Bakkes (BA, Stellenbosch University)
The Office (